Lightspeed updated - version 3.1 now available15/5/2008
Today we have released version 3.1 of Lightspeed!

News in this version:

- Performance optimizations in the code that changes the CPU speed. Changing the CPU speed now takes considerably less time!
- User preference added which decides action taken at device wakeup.
- GUI updated for Zire31, Z21 and Z22 devices.
- Minor device specific changes related to icon drawing in the list of applications.

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Palm Webcam update25/3/2008
Palm Webcam has been updated to version 1.03.
This small update addresses an issue with launching the Palm OS application.

To download the updated version go here.
Lightspeed 3.0 final version released!15/2/2008
Today we have released the final version of Lightspeed 3.0! The final 3.0 version has an updated GUI and minor device specific changes based on feedback from the 3.0 public beta version, which will expire today.

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Lightspeed 3.0 public beta now available!16/1/2008
Until today it has not been possible for users of the latest Treo and Centro devices to change the CPU speed of their devices. We are the first ones to make this possible now with Lightspeed v3.0!

All the supported devices have been tested thoughroughly and we now release this public beta version to find any incompatabilities with other applications or bugs that has not been found during our private beta testing, before removing the beta status altogether.

News with this version:

- Support added for the Palm Treo 680.
- Support added for the Palm Treo 700P.
- Support added for the Palm Treo 755P.
- Support added for the Palm Centro.
- CPU speed can now be changed from within other applications via the Palm OS Command bar.
- Support added for ZLauncher shortcuts.
- Added a new default preset value.
- Several other tweaks and fixes.

Registration of Lightspeed 3.0 is available now for a limited time for a 25 percent discounted price of $14.95.

Registered users of Lightspeed 1.x and 2.x versions who registered after November 1st 2007 may upgrade to v3.0 free of charge, users who registered before that can currently upgrade to v3.0 for an upgrade fee of $5.

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Final version of Lightspeed 2.019/9/2006
The final version of Lightspeed 2.0 is now available!

News since the last public beta:

- Support added for the Samsung CPU used in Palm Z22.
- Support added for the Palm Z22.
- Support added for the Palm Tungsten T5.
- Support added for the Palm LifeDrive.
- Support added for the Palm TX.
- Support added for the Palm Treo 650 GSM.
- Support added for the Palm Treo 650 CDMA.
- Support added for the Palm Tungsten E2.
- Support added for the Samsung SPH-i550.
- Support added for the Garmin iQue 3600a.
- Support added for the Qool QDA-700.

Lightspeed 2.0 is a free upgrade for all existing users of Lightspeed. Updated registration codes for v2.0 are being sent out to registered users during the day.

Registration of Lightspeed 2.0 is as an introductory offer available for a limited time with a 25 % discounted price of $14.95.

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